Where to buy Eokomit organic composting

Where to buy Eokomit original developed by Dr.Ludwig Holzinger?

where to buy eco-labelled Eokomit original developed by Dr.Ludwig Holzinger
It is available and contains special bacteria for organic composting. It can be used in the fields  or in smaller packages for household gardens and farms.
Eokomit contains special bacterias for organic composting
It is a Plant growth aid, individually licensed according to § 9a DMG 1994
The product contains special bacteria for organic composting and has diverse uses.
It is the organic way to healthy and fertile soil for all kinds of organic composting.
The special bacterial culture speed up the composting process.
Building on the results and the original thinking substance of the couple Raoul H. Francé und Annie Frandé Harrar reasoning forward from this Dr. Ludwig Holzinger come to Eokomit

Eokomit as Ecosana both original developed by Dr.Ludwig Holzinger contains special bacteria

  • For composting
    In farming
    In agriculture
    In viticulture
    In orcharding/vegetable cultivation
    In stables: for treatment of liquid and solid manure of cattle, pigs, fowl, small animals
  • For grass – care
Eokomit contains special bacteria and has diverse uses. The organic way to healthy and fertile soil for all kinds of organic composting

Eokomit is a totally organic combination of bacteria and microorganisms found in all healthy soils.The bacterial culture speed up the composting process.

What Eokomit is and how it works

It is a fine, cream-coloured and soluble powder made of whey powder, skimmed milk powder and nutrient salts, enriched with 3 different microorganism strains. Its composition in nutrients corresponds to the requirements of the microorganisms. The product is  organic.The microorganisms are made up of different soil bacteria that accelerate rotting and convert organic waste to humus. The material converted by these microorganisms others an ideal biotope for plants and ensures sufficient nutrient supply without any additional strain on the soil. The bacteria cultures in EOKOMIT occur naturally in the upper layers of the soil, are not pathogenic to humans and animals and have not been genetically engineered.

Eokomit contains particulary vigorouse strains of thermophilic, anti-pathogenic and free-living, nitrogen fixing bacteria which have applications in both composting and pastures and crops.

    • Bacillus atrophaeus
    • Cellulomonas uda
    • Geobacillus stearothermophilus

Due to their enzyme equipment, optimised by evolution, they are able to turn any organic waste into humus in the course of 2-5 months, depending on material and season. their metabolites are used as a digestion aid or plant rots, since they improve the soil and release nutrients that were not available before.

Preparation of the EOKOMIT stock:
Stir the powder into hand-warm water according to the volume indications on the packaging, i.e. the powder from the packaging with 5 cbm needs 5 l water, the one from the 20 cbm packaging needs 20 l water und das powder for 200 cbm in 200 l water. Letting this rest openly for 12 hours leads to:
1.) Finished EOKOMIT stock: 1 l EOKOMIT stock + 9 l water. Sufficient for treating an area of 50 sqm or 1 cbm of compost. We call it the:
2.) EOKOMIT watering solution: It can be prepared concentrated as well: Fill the bottle with hand-warm water, shake well until everything has dissolved and let the bottle rest openly for 12 hours for this:
3.) EOKOMIT concentrate: You only need 3 table spoons of this concentrate in a watering can to get 10 l EOKOMIT watering solution.

listed InfoXgen suitable for organic operations.
producer and license holder: J.Medinger & Söhne KG
Can be used in ecological/biological production according to the regulations (EC) no.834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008.KControl offi ce AT-BIO-301

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