Chitodent® salicylate-free toothpaste with the active ingredient chitosan.

Chitodent® toothpaste with the active ingredient chitosan is a salicylate-free toothpaste. This is guaranteed for all components of the formulation including the aroma.

What is a salicylate-free toothpaste and when is a toothpaste free of salicylate?
Salicylate-free toothpaste is a cosmetic product which does not contain any extracts, essential oils, essences, tinctures, or aromas with salicylate-containing ingredients.
Salicylate are salts of salicylic acid. These are found in the leaves and flowers of many plants. Salicylic acid is used in cosmetics, in extracts, gels, essences and balsams.
The usual minty taste in toothpastes is generally based on menthol, which is almost always obtained from field mint or peppermint (Mentha piperita) and contains salicylates.

salicylatfreie Zahnpasta,mentholfreie Zahnpasta

When is it advisable to use a salicylate-free toothpaste / menthol-free toothpaste?
Chitodent® salicylate-free toothpaste / menthol-free toothpaste is sought after by homoeopathy patients who cannot tolerate salicylates; for example those diagnosed with Samter’s syndrome or who have chosen Dr. St. Amand’s guaifenesin-based treatment to fight fibromyalgia, an increasingly common autoimmune disease.
Avoiding salicylates is essential to Dr St Amand’s guaifenesin treatment. Guaifenesin relieves fibromyalgia according to Dr St Amand, but it competes at the receptors with salicylates. Salicylates cancel out the guaifenesin.
During guaifenesin treatment by Dr. Amand, all products which come into contact with the skin or mucous membranes in a concentrated amount must be checked and replaced if necessary. Anyone undergoing guaifenesin treatment by Dr. Amand is looking for cosmetic products which do not contain salicylates or salicylic acid.

Fibromyalgia and Samter’s triad patients also long for taste.

People who can not tolerate salicylates because they are on guaifenesin treatment long for a fresh taste in the mouth.
They are not allowed to use products containing menthol, since these are almost always obtained from field mint and peppermint (Mentha piperita) and contain salicylates/L-Menthol. Other refreshing extracts of herbal oils usually contain a lot of salicylate.


Chitodent® toothpaste salicylate-free toothpaste / menthol-free toothpaste, ohne Minzaroma Fibromyalgie

Anxious fibromyalgia and Samter’s triad patients ask: Where does the taste of menthol-free Chitodent® come from? Chitodent® menthol-free toothpaste tastes mint-like, slightly sweet and is refreshing. The taste is based on its specially reconstituted, salicylate-free, menthol-free flavouring. Chitodent salicylate-free toothpaste / menthol-free toothpaste does not contain any L-Menthol in the flavouring.

Is salicylate-free toothpaste effective without herbal ingredients?

Helmuth Focken Biotechnology e.K. provides the homoeopathy-compatible Chitodent® formulation for a salicylate-free toothpaste / menthol-free toothpaste: a cosmetic with the natural ingredient chitosan. The chitosan is not of plant origin.
The chitosan is derived from chitin which is found everywhere in the natural world. Chitin is a structural component of the cell walls of fungi, the exoskeletons of crustaceans, crabs, and insects.
Chitosan, a derivative of chitin, is structurally very similar to cellulose. Both consist of polysaccharides, innumerable nitrogen chain sugar components, and are freely available in nature.

Many extensive global research studies have confirmed the effectiveness of chitosan, which does not have allergenic effects. Chitosan is a real wonder drug for good teeth and healthy gums.

  • Chitosan has an antibacterial effect on pathogens, plaque, caries and periodontal disease.
  • Chitosan has a stimulating effect on wound healing.
  • Chitosan forms a protective film

Chitodent®, the salicylate-free toothpaste / menthol-free toothpaste is homoeopathy-compatible and without fluoride. The toothpaste is free of salicylate, contains no herbal ingredients, and is highly effective thanks to the active ingredient chitosan.

Where to buy the salicylate-free Chitodent toothpaste: Chitodent Shop


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